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Lighting Design & Control

Simply turning lights on and off has never been the ideal way to use lighting in any room. Most of the time it is either too bright, or too dark.

Most rooms have a number of different uses. Different lighting is required for these activities. Sometimes you need a good level of light carefully directed to the task in hand, such as cooking; other times a more subtle light level is required to create a cosy romantic feel. Your lighting can match your own flexibility by configuring multiple lighting scenes to correspond to the activities supported. 

An Intelligent lighting control system allows the mood of any room to be altered at the touch of a button.

It is important though to consider that there are two aspects to creating good "Mood" lighting. First is the initial lighting design. Second is the design of the control system. Together when done well you will achieve fabulous results. However without both aspects you are unlikely to achieve anything exciting: a ceiling full of down lighters will always be, just a ceiling full of down lighters however sophisticated the control system is, likewise a super lighting design with multiple circuits is unlikely to be used to its full potential if all you have is a bank of unsightly switches on the wall.

We recognise that lighting is one of the most important aspects of Architecture both internally & externally. How a space works, looks and feels has as much to do with the lighting as the way it is planned, constructed and furnished. Our lighting design services will help you create the optimum lighting scheme for your space.

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