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Technical Support

Our smart technology consultants and engineers can provide system checks, product and design advice, hardware upgrades, testing, support and maintenance.

havi aim to constantly exceed customer expectations, and key to that is providing unparalleled post-installation support and maintenance to our new and existing clients. We offer a comprehensive range of support services geared to each customer's individual requirements.

Whether you are a homeowner or enquiring on behalf of a business, we welcome your enquiry and look forward to assisting you further.


At havi we design and install systems which will continue to work long after the project has been completed and handed over to you, but they do require regular checks and software upgrades to ensure that they continue to operate correctly and [...]

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Electricity plays a fundamental role in our modern lives, most homes and businesses cannot function correctly without it. Being such a critical requirement it is vital that your installations are kept up to date and in good operating condition. Not only for safety but also reliability, [...]

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Home Networks & Wi-Fi

Do you have a network which offers consistently poor performance?

Specialising in residential networks, havi can provide a complete range of consultancy, installation, maintenance and networking support. With many years' experience [...]

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Latest News

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

It has become clear that the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will dramatically affect our lives [...]


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